Terms & Conditions

Please see below for Learnsod’s Terms and Conditions of Contract. These terms and conditions apply to the use of Learnsod Learning Management System (LMS) application, and other products and services,

  1. The Head Office of Learnsod, LLC is located at – 6 Birkenhead Court, Suite B1, Owings Mills, MD 21117, USA.
  2. The primary area of business of Learnsod is (but not limited to) providing learning management systems to universities, higher education, colleges, polytechnics, all educational systems, governmental and non-government organizations.
  3.  Learnsod also specializes in providing highly focused educational trainings, mentoring, and similar services in knowledge management systems.
  4. Learnsod’s clients must have access to either dedicated internet services or a very good level of internet access for the delivery of this LMS.
  5. Learnsod is not an internet service provided and is indemnified from any consequences resulting from poor internet services in a client’s region or in the entire country where a client is located.
  6. 24-hour availability: Learnsod’s application is available to our clients 24 hours of the day through the period of their contract.
  7. The use of our LMS and all or part of its features constitute provision of services by as described on Learnsod website and in Learnsod LMS application.
  8. Fees: Our primary schedule of fees is contained in the “Subscription Module” provided through our online platform and published on our website at www.learnsod.com.
  9. All fees are as listed and are exclusively in United States dollars (US$).
  10. Payment in other currencies: Clients may request for additional payment options where applicable and if approved, may then make payment in another currency.
    a) When fees are paid in other currencies, the exchange rate for payment will be calculated by us based on the date of payment by the client(s) (universities, colleges, organizations, or individuals). Learnsod will notify client of the acceptable exchange rate.
    b) Estimates based on rates of exchange are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.
  11. The following are additional conditions that also apply to our services: 
    a) Learnsod will work expeditiously to ensure that our online services are maintained and up and running as needed.
    b) Learnsod will make genuine efforts to resolve any technical issues that may arise with our online system, as long as it is coming from our network.
    c) Learnsod is indemnified from any network problems that a client and their users may experience in various countries or regions of the world as a result on regional or national internet network problems.
    d) While Learnsod is responsible for providing LMS, clients are responsible for developing their own contents such as, but not limited to course works, announcements, organizational rules, students’ or employees’ posts, and other educational materials.
    e) Learnsod is indemnified from any liabilities based on the contents posted by the clients as listed in item 11(d) and in any such segments of this terms and conditions of contract.
    f) Subscription Module: Subscription module has been designed based on the number of students. Please make sure that you subscribe to a plan that is not below the limit of the number of your students or at the brim of your organization’s capacity.
    g) The Minimum Subscription:
    The minimum subscription number is 250 students or organizational users, and the maximum is up to one million organizational users. For a number higher than what is listed, please contact us.
    h) Refund Policy: Learnsod, LLC provides electronic services and subscription payments are non-refundable. However, clients could request 15-day trial access to use our system before they start the official contract.
    h) Expiration of Subscription: Once a subscription expires, a client must renew it to continue to use our application. If not renewed, both administrator and students or institutional users will be locked out.
    i) Upgrade: A subscription can be upgraded at any time, but no downgrade is possible until the expiration of any current subscription.
  12. Web-based Training/Virtual Training: Learnsod will provide initial user training, using web-based trainings. We also have additional resources online for use by our clients. The initial web-based training will be 1-5 hours depending on the preparation and readiness of the client(s). This initial setup training could be broken into two trainings of 2.5 hours each. Additional web or virtual trainings could be requested by our clients. This type of training is prescribed for the instructional technology staff, who will be responsible for leading the administration of this Learning Management System for the institution or organization.
  13. On-site Training: Learnsod, LLC will provide on-site training both here in the United States of America and around the world (in the countries where our clients are located). There is a separate cost for on-site trainings. The cost will be paid fully in advance of the training. Cost for this type of training will be developed and agreed to separately by the institution/organization and Learnsod before actions can be taken.
  1. Technical Support: Learnsod will provide support during our established office hours to assist our clients.
    a) Clients are required to contact us for any of their needs relating to our services during our established United States of America office hours. In some cases, we will provide customer services beyond our regular office hours. Clients will be notified at such times, when extended-hour services are available.



I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of Contract above. Please sign and return ALL pages of the contract to us by email to: info@learnsod.com

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For additional information
, please email us at info@learnsod.com or call our office at +1-202-241-0010 or +1-410-781-8254.